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Monday, January 21, 2013

Make-A-List Monday

Make-A-List Monday

The Week of January 14, 2013
(in review)

1.  Spend a day with my daughter, Shea.

Unfortunately, Shea was not feeling well on our scheduled day together.  Thankfully she is feeling better now.  We will have to reschedule.

2.  Attend Byrne Sewing Connection 2013 BOM class.

I did not participate in this BOM last year because I did not like the quilt very much.  I like this year's quilt much better but I think I will still alter some of the fabric choices.  Byrne Sewing Connection is about an hour drive from my home in pretty Doylestown, PA.  

3.  Celebrate my DMIL's birthday.  

My wonderful MIL turned 77 years old this weekend.

Here she is holding little Ryder right before .... 

he decided he wanted DOWN...haha!

I love this picture!

4.  Add 39 more hexies to my Bonnie Hunter inspired Christmas Hexie Quilt.

I was only able to get 29 hexies done this week. 

5.  Make more progress on my Git-R-Done list.

This week I finished the 1930's sampler quilt...

and I loaded a mystery quilt I finished piecing in June, 2012.

6.  Work on the January blocks for the PQW Saturday Sampler.

I was able to not only finish both PQW Saturday Sampler Blocks but I also finished the 19 extra blocks needed for the two quilts.  I have kitted up the finishing steps for both quilts and I plan on working on them when I am on Brody duty in the kitchen.

7.  Make one paper-pieced heart for my Paper-Pieced Heart Sampler.

When I got this project out to work on it I decided to pre-wash my fabric. Since this took a few days I was unable to get to the paper-piecing of the block.  But now my fabric is ready so I should get to it this week.

 8.  Do a few blocks for my Dear Jane quilt

Here are the seven blocks I finished this week.

As of today, here are my numbers:

Blocks completed      167
Triangles completed    40
Corners completed       0
Pieces                   4396

I am beginning to see light at the end of the LONGGGGG Dear Jane Tunnel.

The Week of January 21, 2013

1.  Work on some Just Takes 2 blocks and put together the first quarter of the quilt top.

2.  Finish piecing a snowball quilt top that I started in April, 2011 at PQW Stash Club.

3.  Spend a day with Little Ryder.

4.  Add 49 hexies to my Bonnie Hunter inspired Christmas Quilt.

5.  Make progress on my Git-R-Done list.

6.  Work on the first block of my Paper-Pieced Heart Sampler.

7.  Work on the January block for the Byrne Sewing Connection BOM.

8.  Attend Strip Club at The Village Quilter in Mt. Holly, NJ.

9.  Start working on another Stash Club quilt I started in May, 2011 at PQW.

10.  Start working on an ABC quilt.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!



  1. Wow Sharyn, your hexie quilt is looking great, I love the colors of your fabrics. And, Ryder is a little Sweetie!