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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Awesome Adventures with Ryder, Logan, and Jace - March 2018

Awesome Adventures with
 Ryder, Logan and Jace - 
March 2018

The weather in March was not much better than February so we were forced to have lots of 
Awesome Adventures indoors.

WHY is it so COLD?  I want to go OUT!

We did LOTS of arts & crafts...

Sweet Logan had so much fun at his preschool.

The boys did some science experiments.
Bridge Building

We made rock candy.

The Leakproof Bag

Snow Painting

Ryder, Logan, and Jace delighted in a 
Mr. Ray concert.

Logan loved his dessert during the concert

The boys enjoyed some bonding time...

Just a few random pictures of my sweet little boys:
 Such a BIG hoop, Jace!

Happy Logan!

It's always best to play a game wearing a princess tiara.

      Practicing those first steps

Who's afraid of the cold?

Wearing Mimi's hat


Logan discovering a crocus.
Ryder and his daddy

Logan LOVES foot massages!

The big boys, Ryder & Logan, have been practicing learning prayers.  Here they are ages 5 & 3 reciting the Lord's Prayer:

I am so proud of them!

We had a very big storm in March that caused a lot of tree damage.  The boys were great helpers when they weren't playing in the snow.

Getting a head start on the shoveling.

A tree landed on the neighbor's car.  Yikes!

Enough of this work...Let's PLAY!

During one of our sleep-overs we made S'mores in the family room on the floor with a candle:


Grandad after a sleepover and LOTS of snow shoveling.

A few milestones...

Jace's First Steps!!!
Way to go little Jace!

Ryder lost his front tooth!!!

Snack time is always an adventure...
Ryder made his own guacamole from scratch one day.

Logan chose an interesting snack.

Jace is just super cute when he eats snack!

We celebrated Poppop's birthday.

Our little Ryder (kindergarten) is getting better with his reading everyday:
The Mitten

The weather warmed up for a few days so we took advantage:

Our little helper

Even though he can walk, crawling is still the fastest way to get from here to there.

Ryder had fun celebrating Superhero Day in Kindergarten.

The end of March/the beginning of April brought a wonderful Easter weekend. 

The boys are experts at dying eggs,

and going on an egg hunt.

They went to visit their Grandma and Grandpa in Delaware.
 Funnel Cakes and Lemonade!

The beach was so much fun!

The weather was perfect for a bike ride.

BIG tank!

 Time to clean up after a busy day

Happy Easter :)

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!