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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Show & Tell Tuesday (Jack of Hearts and Black & White Table Runner)

Show & Tell Tuesday

I have a quilt and a table runner to share today.  

Jack of Hearts

I made this pretty pink & white quilt in 2012.  It was a Mystery Quilt for a Cause offered by
 Heather Spence Designs.

Black & White Table Runner

I don't really remember a lot about this table runner.  I know it was self-designed and I completed it sometime in 2014. 

 It's so funny to look back at this picture from before we redecorated our dining room.  The furniture is the same but, thanks to a little Grandson Demolition, the wallpaper has been removed.  The walls are now gray and white.  It's almost as if they knew that wallpaper is so 1980's.  HaHa!

Both Jack of Hearts and the Black & White table runner are available for purchase in my Etsy shop QuiltyPleasuresNJ.

I hope to have a Make-A-List Monday post soon.  Shortly after that, I hope to have my 
February Awesome Adventures post.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


Monday, February 12, 2018

Awesome Adventures with Ryder, Logan & Jace - January 2018

Awesome Adventures with 
Ryder, Logan & Jace

Our Family Rules 
(courtesy of Emily Ley)

The long, cold days of January forced a lot of indoor adventures this month - definitely not my favorite way to spend time with three very active little boys, but we made the most of our inside time.

The big boys love to play with hands-on activities as we secretly know they are developing their fine motor skills.

They also enjoyed a little BRODY TIME as they took in a movie on the couch.

Ryder is starting to find his creative side as he constructs some incredible structures from things that we would normally throw away.

Little Jace is getting bigger everyday.  

He turned 11 months old in January.

He also decided that his crib makes a wonderful teething tool so Heather had to get creative with a little bit of fleece and a pair of scissors.

Ryder was named "Student of the Week" in his kindergarten class.
He got to enjoy all the perks that come with the title.  :)

Our sweet Logan started a new preschool this month.  He really makes friends quickly and LOVES his new school.

Happy-Go-Lucky Jace 

On an exceptionally wet and warm day in January, Logan took a walk of our neighborhood, inspecting all the puddles.

Whoa, that's a BIG one Mr. Puddle Inspector!

The boys discovered an abandoned wasp nest in one of our bushes and curiosity got the best of them.

They begged Grandad to take it down so they could explore the inside.
All this took place during half time of a rowdy game of Broom Ball.

The boys love spending time with their daddy, Kyle.

They had a Boy's Night-Out as they took in a 
Princeton University vs. Cornell basketball game.


(Even though their Uncle JT is a PENN alum)

We celebrated GiGi's birthday in January.

We had a sleepover and I was served breakfast-in-bed by my little Logan.

Jace was very helpful with my laundry.

All that laundry duty made for a very tired baby.
Jace decided to take his nap during one of our snuggles.
These times are few and far between when they are almost one so I soak up every chance to snuggle this sweet baby.

Ryder was busy working on an activity while his two younger brothers napped.

A sure sign that a sleepover happened at Mimi and Grandad's house.

Jace tries so hard to keep up with his big brothers...
but he still loves some peaceful one-on-one time now and again.

Logan loves dress-up.  

ELMO in the house!

Jace enjoying a little ELMO love...

If You're Happy and You know It

Logan, Jace & I attended a morning library time.  

Lots of LOVE for Jace :)

With the long, cold days of January lingering on, we continued to find fun things to do indoors...

The month of January ended with a stomach virus running rampant through the house. 

Little Jace was happy finding any soft place to crash as he wondered why these horrible things were happening to his little body.
The only family member not effected was Logan - not sure how he escaped but I'm glad he did.  

Hopefully the stomach virus is behind us and we will all be healthy and happy in the month of February.  

And in closing...
(another shout-out to Emily Ley!)

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!