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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday (June Rag Quilt & Victory)

Show & Tell Tuesday

I have two quilts to share today.


I was inspired to make my Victory quilt by Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day book called Victory Quilts.

All the blocks for this quilt came from 1940's patterns.

I especially love the red and blue ribbon border.  

I made this quilt in 2012 and it measures 63" X 78".  It fits perfectly on a twin bed.

June Rag Quilt

My June Rag Quilt is the sixth in this series.  It measures 24" square.  

I made this mini quilt in 2012 and I use it as a table topper during the month of June. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing these two quilts from my collection.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday (Chloé & Crumbs)

Show & Tell Tuesday


Pennington Quilt Works  is my local quilt shop.  Each year the shop hosts a Saturday Sampler project.  Each month participants complete a block and at the end of the year we have the main components to make a quilt top.   Chloé is one of two Saturday Sampler projects I completed in 2011.  

Lone Star
 was made with many of the same blocks as Chloé but in a different color way.

I completed Chloé in 2011 and it measures 
96" X 96".


I made Crumbs from the left over bits & pieces I've accumulated from making other projects.

It is amazing how quickly a block can be constructed by just adding little pieces of fabric to other little pieces of fabric.

My crumb quilt was completed in 2012 and it measures 
48' X 63".

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Make-A-List Monday - May/June

It is finally starting to feel like summer in New Jersey.  We had a VERY rainy spring...

This is a picture I found of a double rainbow over our local high school's football field.

I love the season of summer the most and now that the "unofficial start of summer" is here I am looking forward to getting outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Now, on to my list...

(In Review)

1.  Spend quality time with my Amazing Grandsons

The boys love doing crafts.

 Ryder wanted to make Jell-o so I taught him how.

Then they were too impatient to wait for it to be ready so we had to eat some store-bought Jell-o while we waited.

A trip to the playground happens almost everyday.

 Brother bonding time

They love the animals at one of the local parks

 Beautiful Peacock!

 One of the turkeys laid an egg!

 Logan chugging his yogurt :)

These boys are getting very good at riding their bicycles...

 Logan is on a mission without a care in the world.

 We went wading in the stream.

 We had lots of picnics.

I think Logan is plumb tuckered out!

Logan sometimes finds unconventional ways to play in the rice box.  I think he likes the way the rice feels on his toes.

 My Gym is tons of fun...

 but very tiring.

Logan always perks up for a pizza lunch after class.

Two scary dudes!

 The boys enjoyed meeting two of their favorite characters - Spiderman and Peppa Pig.

An ice cream treat is the perfect way to end a very good listening adventure to the playground.

2.  Piece, quilt, bind and label at least one "Quilts for Kids" quilt.  Attend the Quilts for Kids workshop at Pennington Quilt Works.
Attend our 1000 Quilt Party.

 Lots of quilts donated this month!

Now it is time to party!!

No party would be complete without games...

and a cake! 

3.  Attend Saturday Sampler at Pennington Quilt Works

4.  Celebrate Mother's Day with a BBQ at my house

Mother's Day Present and... 

Mother's Day past
 (Sorry Shea, you weren't born yet when this picture was taken ~1986)

5.  Take the boys to the Philadelphia Zoo to experience a "Behind-the-Scenes" tour of the tortoise exhibit - a Christmas present from Uncle JT and Aunt Kaela for Ryder and Logan.

Logan was so excited to go to the zoo:

The "Behind-the-Scenes" tour with the tortoises was amazing.  
Logan especially loved touching the tortoises.  

 Do we dare go on the hot air balloon ride?

Yes We Dare!!!

Over looking the Schuylkill River and the Philadelphia Skyline.
A little scary but soooo much fun!

6.  Make two Ring Bearer pillows for Ryder & Logan to carry in JT and Kaela's wedding.

7.  Continue to work on Maureen & Tyler's wedding quilt. Present quilt to Maureen at her bridal shower.

 The shower was held in Hoboken and was hosted by the bride's mom and sisters.

 Lots of gifts for the bride!

 My beautiful daughter, Shea, (on the left) and her equally beautiful BFF, Sammi.

Here is the quilt.
 I made a Double Irish Chain pattern with beach themed background fabric for the Irish, Beach-loving Maureen - my daughter's other BFF.

The beautiful Bride-to-Be with her new quilt.

8.  Make birthday and patriotic pillowcases for Ryder & Logan

9.  Begin working on 'Round the Stars quilt made with my Dear Jane scraps

So far only lots and lots of HST's.

10.  Begin working on Ferris Wheel (Basketweave) from the book New Ways With Jelly Rolls

Ready to be quilted

11.  Julie Herman's Toes in the Sand quilt

No progress on the following Green highlighted projects:

12.  Quilt Square Quilt Along

13.  Crumb Quilt

14.  Zippy Strippy Bags

15.  PQW 2014-15 Saturday Sampler

16.  Baby Quilt - A Quilt for Chase

17.  Striped Table Runner

18.  Dancing Stars

19.  October 2014 Strip Club - Borderline Crazy Halloween Quilt

20.  Work on the following 
Brody/Ryder/Logan projects:

Civil War Tribute
Radio Way - Basic Gray
Iced Tea

I Spy Treasure
Waste Knot


1.  Spend quality time with my Adorable Grandsons

2.  Piece, quilt, bind and label at least one "Quilts for Kids" quilt.  Attend the Quilts for Kids workshop at Pennington Quilt Works.

3.  Attend Saturday Sampler at Pennington Quilt Works

4.  Celebrate Ryder's 4th birthday

5.  Celebrate Father's Day

6.  Attend Ryder's "End-of-the-Year" party at preschool

7.  Celebrate my husband and my 35th wedding anniversary

8.  Make a Darth Vader cape for Ryder for his birthday

9.  Begin working on 'Round the Stars quilt made with my Dear Jane scraps

10.  Julie Herman's Toes in the Sand quilt

11.  Quilt Square Quilt Along

12.  Zippy Strippy Bags

13.  Baby Quilt - A Quilt for Chase

14.  PQW 2014-15 Saturday Sampler

15.  Striped Table Runner

16.  Dancing Stars

17.  October 2014 Strip Club - Borderline Crazy Halloween Quilt

18.  Just Takes 2

19.  Double Twisted Wreath - Fall & Christmas

20.  Work on the following 
Brody/Ryder/Logan projects:

Civil War Tribute
Radio Way - Basic Gray
I Spy Treasure
Waste Knot

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!