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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Show & Tell Tuesday - (Syncopated Rhythm & Brick by Brick)

Show & Tell Tuesday

Syncopated Rhythm

This quilt was designed by Karen Montgomery of Timeless Treasures in 2007 and it features Tonga Batiks.

I completed Syncopated Rhythm in 2014 and it measures 40" x 48". 

Brick by Brick

Originally this quilt pattern was called Keep It Simple - probably because of the simple design.  It was designed by Pineapple Press Patterns for Wood Valley Designs.  I renamed my version Brick by Brick because of the color of the fabric I used - brick red.

A five yard fabric bundle was what I used to make Brick by Brick.

 The free pattern is available HERE.

I completed Brick by Brick in 2014 and it measures 48" by 68".

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Awesome Adventures w/ Ryder, Logan, & Jace April 2019

Awesome Adventures 
with Ryder, Logan, & Jace
April 2019

Energy abounds with my three incredible grandsons.  Not a day goes by that they don't grab all they can from life.  I thank God every day for their health and love of life.

Little Jace tries SO HARD to keep up with his big brothers.  Here he is trying to read just like Ryder:

Watch out Ryder...here comes Jace...

Reading to his baby doll.

Creativity and imagination are embraced in the lives of these little boys...

Spring decorating at Mimi's house.  We are still working on "less is more." :)

Oh my,  is there someone in there?

Help!  Save me!!!

We had a wonderful sleepover in April.  The weather cooperated and we were able to get to the playground.

We had to try out all the monkey bars!

We walked to our local Aljons for a pizza dinner.

Logan is always climbing trees.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

We had a peanut butter & jelly picnic lunch at our local community park.


Jace LOVES bubbles...
and My Gym

And MORE playground time...


Lots of FUN at an Easter egg hunt...

Logan celebrated Passover at preschool.


            Preschool friends are the best!

Preschool isn't the only place where amusing things happen. 

  How about Crazy Sock Day in first grade?

Keeping busy during Ryder's piano lesson

The boys were so happy to help Daddy celebrate his birthday.

The boys enjoy playing baseball... 

and watching baseball...

Sometimes, while watching grandad's baseball team play, they get a little bored and just have to go play with the big kids.

Nature is always calling these three little boys.

They visited the beach in Delaware...

And a goat park and aquarium...

They are such good boys, they deserve a treat!

One day, when Logan was feeling a little under the weather...

we decided to google people we know.  Logan was thrilled to find pictures of Uncle JT and Aunt Kaela.

But never fear - Dr. Jace was there to make Logan feel better:

Spring break wouldn't be complete without a trip to the zoo.  

                                          More GOATS!

April also was the time that we celebrated Easter!

The loves of my life!!!




Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!