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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Ryder's Christening
St. David the King RC Church
October 28, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Make-A-List Monday

                   Make-A-List Monday

                 The Week of October 22, 2012
                                                  (in review)

This has been such a busy week for me.  I began my Ryder Time on my birthday, Monday.

It is hard to express the joy I felt spending time with my precious grandson.  He is so good and only fusses when hungry or tired.  I look forward to spending more time together as we develop our relationship.  
Ryder, your Grammy Lamby loves you very much!!

Now, on to my list....

1.  Redesign and complete piecing the 2009 Patchwork Party quilt that I have been working on.   


                      I was able to finish piecing the top to this quilt.  

I already had the green backing fabric so it is ready to be quilted.  Unfortunately as I was completing the top I found another major pattern mistake.  When participating in the Patchwork Party you gather blocks from 12 different shops and then choose a finishing kit.  One of the shops sent me the wrong block with a completely different fabric.  Now, you have to remember that this quilt was from 2009 -- 3 years ago.  I was able to design my own block and create it with left over fabric.  I thought I should contact the quilt shop anyway just so that they knew of the mistake.  Believe it or not, they were extremely apologetic and will send me the correct block pattern and fabric.  I'm not sure how they will do this as the fabric line is 3 years old but we will see.  Even if I never see it I was able to work it out on my own.

    2.  Finish the quilt I am binding for Ryder and another project I am                                 working on for his Christening.

It was a joy to make this colorful quilt for my sweet Ryder.

                 I also knitted this cozy little sweater jacket and hat for him.

I gave Ryder this Prayer Lamb. When you squeeze his ear he recites The Lord's Prayer, The Hail Mary and The Glory Be.  I hope he loves his little lamb from his Grammy Lamby!

           3.  Continue working on the Heather Spence Mystery Quilt.


I am now caught up on all the clues.  We should receive another clue on                                  Friday.  

4.  Complete the folded fabric table mat I started in class last week.

I did not have time to finish this project this week.

5.  Attend Strip Club at The Village Quilter in Mt. Holly, NJ.


This is a picture of the strips and the pattern.  The pattern is from Cozy Quilt Designs...a quilt shop I visited when we went to El Cajon, CA a few years ago.

The green fabric will be the inner border and the fall leaf fabric will be the outer border.  I have not chosen the background fabric, yet.

6.  Embroider some more Christmas Presents.

                                              I did not get to this.

                                 7.  Design an English Paper Pieced Hexagon quilt. 

This is a sample of English Paper Piecing.  

I had a doctor's appointment this week so I was able to get this project started.

I will most likely not use orange and blue (even though I am a Mets Fan...haha) I just wanted to use two different colors to see the pattern as it emerged.

I am basing my hexagon quilt on a quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.com

8.  If time, I will begin working on a fall wreath table topper using the Little Twister Tool.

I did not get to this project either.

As I said...It was a very BUSY week!

The Week of October 29, 2012

1.  Spend Halloween with Ryder.

2.  Work on the PQW Saturday Sampler block for November.

3.  Attend class at The Village Quilter to make a Christmas Stocking for Ryder.

This pattern uses the same Little Twister Tool that is used for the fall wreath table topper above.  With Hurricane Sandy barreling down upon us, class will most likely be canceled.  Hopefully it will be rescheduled on a day I am free.

4. Complete the folded fabric table mat I started at The Village Quilter.

5.  Continue working on the Heather Spence Mystery Quilt.

6.  Embroider some more Christmas presents.

7.  Finish designing my Hexagon quilt to be English Paper Pieced.

On Wednesday I will share some pictures of Ryder's Christening.  It was a beautiful day spent with family, even with Hurricane Sandy approaching.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!