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Friday, November 30, 2018

Awesome Adventures with Ryder, Logan, & Jace - October 2018

Awesome Adventures
Ryder * Logan * Jace
October 2018

The month of October started out warm, then in typical fashion, ended rather chilly.  We were able to play outside quite a bit before most play moved indoors.

Little Jace discovered our storm drain.  

He delighted in watching the leaves and debris float through the drain.

On another day, Jace spent lots of time transferring spices from a pot to a bowl.  He could have done this for a very long time, I think, if we didn't have to leave to pick up Logan at nursery school.

The BOYZ enjoyed any outside play time we could find.

Ryder, Logan, & I had fun baking oatmeal cookies.

and eating banana splits :)

Some days were perfect for quiet indoor play...

and playing dress-up with the Halloween decorations.

Logan continues to love his nursery school...
Homemade applesauce

Future Rockstars!

Jace did a great job at the dentist in October.

    Logan enjoying some homemade apple pie -

 When the weather proves too cold to play outside, you find other ways to get your exercise -
Run, Jace, Run!


We were able to visit the library for story/song time on multiple occasions - 
Learning about snakes

I think I'll read this book.


              Puzzle Time!

This looks like a good book, Mimi.

Playing with all the toys

Logan, Jace, & I took a trip to Windsor farm to get pumpkins and visit the goats.

 We celebrated my DDIL Heather's birthday this month with a wonderful Hibachi Dinner.

Watch little Jace at the end of the video :/(

A trip to Terhune Orchard is a fall ritual every year:


There were lots of local Halloween activities in which to participate in October.

A birthday party at iPlay America was a lot of fun -

The month ended with LOTS of 
    Halloween FUN!!!

The month of October was a whirlwind of Awesome Adventures.  I wonder what November will bring?

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!