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Monday, May 8, 2017

Awesome Adventures with My BOYZ - April 2017

I have soooo many pictures to share of my little guys from the month of April so let's get to it...

We celebrated Easter in April and Ryder and Logan had so much fun decorating Easter egg cookies.

Jace being cute (as usual)

Logan taking a moment in his busy life to smell the flowers.

Logan giving little Jace a ride in the wagon.

Logan is ready to hit the road.

Riding bikes on the sidewalk.

Music time at the library.

Discovering lots of scientific things at the library.

The Easter egg hunt at Windsor Chapel.

             Fun at the park        and         on the ice.

Visiting Aunt Shea in Hoboken.

 Craft time at Michaels with Ryder and Mimi.

Ryder and I continued our playdate at Veterans Park.
We had a picnic...
and climbed some rocks.

Logan and I also had a playdate. 
 First we had a bagel breakfast where we watched... 

April the Giraffe give birth.

 Then we went hiking along the canal.

We met a very kind fisherman and got to touch
 the fish he caught.

Logan had a lot of fun discovering water current as he dropped twigs off the side of the bridge... 
 and watched them re-emerge on the other side of the bridge.

Easter was a beautiful day in our part of New Jersey.

We went to Mass at St David the King and then came home for an egg hunt, a scavenger hunt and a BBQ.


 Two of my favorite little boys :)

Sweet Jace!

I photographed this beautiful sunset in the boys neighborhood on my way home one evening.

 Ryder is ready for his first t-ball game.

Go Bees!

Logan and Jace just hanging out.

Ryder is so kind and gentle with his baby brother.

Ryder was very proud of the Lego boat he made from his Easter scavenger hunt winnings.

Sleepy baby  

Playground time with Grandad

Painting the park

 Two special little boys

Hmmmmm...Ice Cream!

Just hanging in the back yard

Enjoying some Arts & Crafts time.

A beautiful day to play outside...

Logan's class put on a wonderful show for 

Ryder's first "official" baseball picture :)

Logan celebrated his birthday a few days early with a family party at his house.

Logan practicing his rollerblading with 
Grandad and Uncle JT.
Soon, sweet Logan!

Show him how it's done, Ryder.

Ryder, Jace and Auntie Shea.

Whenever I asked Logan what he wanted for his birthday, he would say, "A dinosaur quilt."  
So a dinosaur quilt is what I made for him.

 He will have to wait a little longer for his
 Big Boy Bed quilt.

April was filled with many Awesome Adventures for my three grandson.  I'm so glad I could spend so much time with them.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!