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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Awesome Adventures with Ryder, Logan & Jace February 2018

Awesome Adventures with Ryder, Logan & Jace 
  February 2018

If I had my children to raise over again:

I do not have my children to raise again - I actually think I did a pretty good job the first time.  
(If I do say so myself :)

Nor, would I have the energy to raise children again. There is a reason why we have children when we are young.

But I am using a lot of the above thoughts as I am so fortunate to be able to spend so much time with my three wonderful grandsons.

Now on to the Awesome Adventures of those precious grandsons!

Ryder was chosen to display his Lego collection at our local library.

He had a little helper setting up his display.


We stopped in a few times throughout the month to make some minor adjustments.  


Ryder practicing the piano...

Happy little boys :)

The boys traveled to Philadelphia to visit their Uncle JT ...

and to meet his new Great Dane puppy, Thira.

JT brought Thira to our house to meet Brody.  They had so much fun playing together.

Our little Logan has embraced his new preschool.  He is having wonderful, creative, hands-on experiences and he is developing some great friendships with his classmates.

It's not easy to get a good picture with all three boys.  Someone is always looking away, squinting, or having a meltdown.  But we continue to try to get that perfect threesome picture...

Birthday Parties & Preschool Proms - The stuff that childhood is made of...

Our sweet little Jace celebrated his first birthday on February 16th.

Happy Birthday Sweet Jace!

We attempted to make slime...

What a mess!  But we had fun anyway.

We attended science class at our local library.

Just some random pictures of our fun escapades...

We had a few days of beautiful weather in February so we definitely got outside to play...

And then it SNOWED!!!

 But it didn't stop us from getting outside and playing in the snow
And on the ice.

Snow Sliding
Logan, Be Careful With That STICK!

How can you say "No" when you get a request for a play date like this?

More random adventures...

 May I have some please?

 Aunt (Dr.) Kaela would be so proud.

Not quite big enough to dunk.

 Library time with Ms. Julie

 Walking to the library near Mimi and Granddad's house.

Get that ball, Jace!

Crazy Hair day at Ryder's School.

It was an adventurous, fun-filled month.  These three precious boys bring so much to my life.  Their innocence and love is abundant...as is their energy!

There are days I struggle to keep up with them, but it is all worth it.  Reaching 10,000 steps on the days I spend with them is never a problem!!

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!