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Monday, October 22, 2012

Make-A-List Monday

Make-A-List Monday

The Week of October 15, 2012

(in review)

1. Knit and crochet some hats for my sweet little Ryder. 

This is Mommy Heather holding Ryder in his new pumpkin hat and pumpkin shirt.

This is Auntie Shea holding Ryder in his new Dallas Cowboy helmet hat.  


2. Finish quilting Ryder's quilt on Annie.  Ryder's quilt is done.  I am now working on the binding.  It should be done by this weekend.

3. Work on the Fall Mystery Quilt with Heather Spence.

The name of this quilt is "Jack of Hearts."  I am using my brilliant reasoning to determine that these blocks will be hearts. haha!  

I have not completed the step that we received on Friday.  I should get to it this week.

4. Make some embroidered pillow cases. I was able to make and embroider four very pretty pillowcases.  They will be Christmas presents so I can't post pictures.  Maybe after Christmas I will post pictures of all the gifts I have made.

5. Attend class at The Village Quilter in Mt. Holly, NJ. 

This is the beginning of the folded table mat I started in class.  There are still two more rounds of folded fabric triangles and then the backing and binding to be done.  This table mat should look pretty in my family room.

6. Work on the 2009 (yes, I said 2009!) Patchwork Party quilt. 

Here are three of the twelve blocks.

 All blocks are done.  Now I am working on the finishing kit.  I got my finishing kit from Shabby Fabrics.  I love the design of the finishing kit but unfortunately I have already found a few mistakes.  Generally when I find mistakes in a pattern I like to contact the designer to let her know so that she can make corrections.  But how do you contact a designer for a quilt 3 years old?  I guess it is too late and I will just have to figure it out on my own.

7. Celebrate my DDIL Heather's birthday.

After a slight detour to The Cheesecake Factory (long story) we ended up at Olive Garden.  We had a very nice private room and it was a lovely celebration.

Here is the birthday girl with my DS, Kyle.

Ryder looks as if he wants some wine.  
Sorry Sweetie,  you have to wait a few or 21 years!

My wonderful children surprised me with a birthday celebration of my own on Sunday.  My birthday is actually today, Monday, but they all came over on Sunday and we had a wonderful time together.  

This is my DS JT.  He was happy to be home and to see Ryder whom he had not seen in a while.  I am especially grateful to him for helping me do some work on the computer and my embroidery machine.  

The Week of October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I get to spend my birthday with my favorite 4 month old. 
 Today I start my Ryder Time as DDIL Heather goes back to work part time as a speech therapist.  I know this is a hard day for Heather but I am very excited to be able to spend one or two days a week with my DGS Ryder.  

1.  Redesign and complete piecing the 2009 Patchwork Party quilt that I have been working on.  Hopefully I will be able to fix the problems with the pattern and get the top pieced.

2.  Finish the quilt I am binding for Ryder and another project I am working on for his Christening.  

3.  Continue working on the Heather Spence Mystery Quilt.

4.  Complete the folded fabric table mat I started in class last week.

This is a picture on the pattern.  Hopefully mine will look as good when it is done.

5.  Attend Strip Club at The Village Quilter in Mt. Holly, NJ.

These are the strips we will use.  The quilt design is a secret until we get to class.

6.  Embroider some more Christmas Presents.  Shhhhh!  Top Secret!!!

7.  Design an English Paper Pieced Hexagon quilt. 

 I love the hexagon quilt that Bonnie Hunter designed.  I want to design and piece a hexagon quilt similar to hers.  I don't think mine will be quite so elaborate but I hope to make one at least a full-bed size.  Bonnie Hunter took approximately thirteen years to complete her Hexie quilt.  I hope I can get mine done much quicker than that.  

8.  If time, I will begin working on a fall wreath table topper using the Little Twister Tool.

It should look something like this except in fall colors when it is done.

I have a VERY busy week ahead and I strongly doubt I will achieve everything on my list.  But as they say...If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  So this is my plan for the week.

Until Next Time...Happy Stitching!!!


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  1. Hi Sharyn, Love Ryder's little hats, sooo cute, but then again he's such a cutie!