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Monday, May 13, 2013

Make-A-List Monday

The Week of May 6, 2013
(in review)

1. Attend Quilts for Kids workshop at Pennington Quilt Works.

Our workshop was very productive.  I turned in my quilt and I was able to finish the top for a wonky 9-patch quilt.  I will quilt it before the next workshop.

2. Spend two days with Ryder.

It was wonderful spending time with my little guy this past week.  I actually got to spend one more day with him...Mother's Day.

This is the little guy after his first haircut with his dad, my oldest son, Kyle. 

 Love the gel!!

3. Attend Saturday Sampler at Pennington Quilt Works.

There were four choices in colorways for this year's Saturday Sampler.

Every year that I participate in the PQW Saturday Sampler I sign up for one  colorway and then I add another when I see the finished quilts.  This is the first year I did not do that.  It's not that I don't like all of the quilts...they are gorgeous. 

 It's just that I have so much going on right now that I've decided to do just one.  I have decided to do the batik colorway...the one in the upper left corner.

4. Attend Ascension Thursday service at St. David the King Church.

Ascension Thursday service was beautiful.

5. Continue to work on labeling completed quilts so that they can be featured in future Show & Tell Tuesday posts.

All the quilts on these quilt racks have been labeled and photographed.  I still have another rack to do and a lot of quilts still in the "to be hand bound" pile.  These racks are on either side of our fireplace.

6. Cut up some more Goodwill shirts into usable quilting fabric.

I only got to de-bone one shirt this past week.  

7. Make a play yard mattress pad and cover for a future sleepover with Ryder.

The play yard is ready for Ryder's sleepover tonight.

8. Continue to work on the following BRODY Projects:

Going Buggy
Lazy Sunday
Heather Spence Spring Mystery Quilt

I did a little bit of work on all three quilts.  None of them are done but I will work on them more this week during my BRODY Time.

9. Add 21 hexies to my Bonnie Hunter inspired Christmas Hexie Quilt.

I only finished 15 hexies.  I will update this photo when I add the other 6 hexies.

10. Add a binding to the 2009 Patchwork Party quilt I recently finished quilting on Annie. 

The binding has been machine sewn on the quilt.  It has been added to my huge pile of quilts that need the binding hand sewn.

11. Order backing fabric for "All Hand Dyes Go Together."

My original thought was to get a solid black backing for this quilt.  After much thought I decided to order a cherry red background with little bits of black added.  Honestly, I was a little afraid of the lint magnet that black can be.

12. Work on part 6 of Roll Roll Cotton Boll.

Step 6 calls for taking the 600 HST made earlier and sewing them into 120 strips of five HST each.  I'm not quite done with this step but I was able to make a little progress.  

The Week of May 13, 2013

1.  Work on a few Dear Jane blocks.

2.  Continue to work on Part 6 of Roll Roll Cotton Boll.

3.  Complete the most recent Byrne $5 quilt block and attend the class.

4.  Continue working on three BRODY Projects.

5.  Finish the hexies not completed last week and add 21 more hexies to my Bonnie Hunter inspired Christmas Hexagon quilt.

6.  Write some Show & Tell Tuesday blog posts for the future.

7.  Cut up some more Goodwill shirts into usable quilting fabric. 

8.  Spend three days with little Ryder.

9.  Work on a few Just Takes 2 blocks.

10.  Start to assemble the blocks from the Building Blocks BOM from The Village Quilter, that I finished in February.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


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