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Monday, May 6, 2013

Make-A-List Monday

The Week of April 29, 2013
(in review)

Although I did not have anything specific on "My List" this past week, I was able to get a lot of things done.  

1.  Finish a quilt for Quilts for Kids.

2.  Cut up some Goodwill shirts for fabric.

Four 100% cotton shirts have now been turned into quilting fabric.  :)

I still have quite a few shirts to "de-bone" but it was nice to get a few done.

3.  Sort, fluff, label and prepare Show & Tell blog posts for 8 completed quilts.

I was able to go through two of my quilt racks and fluff the quilts in the dryer to remove creases from folding.  Then I pulled out eight quilts that still need labels, and labeled them.  Next I photographed many of the quilts for future Show & Tell Tuesday blog posts.  

While working on these quilt racks I realized that there are still quite a few quilts that need labels.  This will be an ongoing project over the next few weeks.

4.  Take the 12 appliqued blocks my DMIL gave me and set them with sashing and borders.  

This quilt top has been added to my Git-R-Done page.

5.  Prepare a few Foodie Friday posts.  

6.  Organize Pantry.

7.  Prepare menus and shopping lists for the next few months.  

8.  Finish quilting the 2009 Patchwork Party Quilt that is currently on Annie.

9.  Spend two days with Ryder.

Life is sure a lot more interesting now that he has been walking for almost a month.  Ryder will be 11 months old in a few days!

I know it doesn't look like I accomplished much this week but I do feel as if I did.  This week helped me to realize that although "My List" can help me stay on task and accomplish a lot, sometimes it makes my quilting feel less than pleasurable.  In a way I felt as if I was on vacation this week.  I'm sure that sounds crazy but that is how I felt all week.  There was nothing I had to do, whether it was self-imposed or not.  

I'm going to continue my "Make-A-List Mondays" but I plan on having a different attitude about them.  I have been known to fret over not getting everything done on my list.  From now on I am just going to consider it an outline for the projects that I might get to in the following week.  I will try to work on one project at a time instead of working on five things at once.  I am anxious to see if this new attitude makes a difference in the upcoming week.

The Week of May 6, 2013

1.  Spend two days with Ryder.

2.  Attend Quilts for Kids workshop at Pennington Quilt Works.

3.  Attend Saturday Sampler at Pennington Quilt Works.

4.  Attend Ascension Thursday services at St. David the King Church.

5.  Continue to work on labeling completed quilts so that they can be featured in future Show & Tell Tuesday posts.

6.  Cut up some more Goodwill shirts into usable quilting fabric.

7.  Make a play yard mattress pad and cover for a future sleepover with Ryder.

8.  Continue to work on the following BRODY Projects:

Going Buggy
Lazy Sunday
Heather Spence Spring Mystery Quilt

9.  Add 21 hexies to my Bonnie Hunter inspired Christmas Hexie Quilt.

10.  Add a binding to the 2009 Patchwork Party quilt I recently finished quilting on Annie. 

11.  Order backing fabric for "All Hand Dyes Go Together."

12.  Work on part 6 of Roll Roll Cotton Boll.

I am POSITIVE I will not get to all of these things.  Next week I will report on what I did get done.  Even if I only do one thing it will be a good week.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


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