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Monday, August 27, 2012

Make-A-List Monday

Make-A-List Monday

The week of August 20, 2012
(in review)

1. Organize my sewing rooms. I am just about done going through all my STASH and most everything else is organized.  I have been saving quilting magazines since 2007. 

 My thought was that if I ever needed a pattern I would be able to go through them and find just the right one.  In reality, this method does not work.  Now I am going through these magazines and tearing out the patterns that strike my fancy.  I am dividing them into three binders:  throw and bed sized quilts, baby sized quilts, and miscellaneous patterns such as bags, table runners, etc.  Hopefully now if I need a pattern I will be able to narrow my search to a specific binder.

2. Start working on a special gray, yellow and white quilt for Shea's new apartment.  All the organizing left little time for sewing this week.  

This is a picture of the pattern and some of the fabric that we chose together.  
As you can see, I haven't made a dent in this project yet.  Maybe this week...

3. Work on my Quilt Square Quilt Along blocks for the month of August.

This was the one sewing project I was able to get to this very busy week. I love the way they turned out.

4. If time permits, I hope to finish the Quilts for Kids quilt I started last month.   I did not get to this again this week.

The Week of August 27, 2012

1.  Complete the quilt I am making for Quilts for Kids.

2.  Work on the two blocks I need for PQW Saturday Sampler.

3.  Start working on my friend Kathy's Memory Quilt for her friend's daughter's first birthday.

The blocks are done.  Now I have to put them all together and quilt it for her.

4.  Shop for an embroidery machine.  I did a little shopping this past week for an embroidery machine and I have it narrowed down to three: 

 the Bernina 830, 
the Brother Quatro 2, 
 and the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold. 
  I like all three but am leaning toward the Baby Lock because I love the preloaded designs by Nancy Zieman.  Hopefully I will choose one in the next week or two.

5.  Finish quilting my Farmer's Wife quilt on Annie.  

6.  Make a whole bunch of bean bags for a game to be played at my friend's wedding reception.  As I write this I realize it sounds a little odd, but I am excited to see exactly what they have in mind for these bean bags. 

This should be a busy week!

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!



  1. great projects and have fun shopping for an embroidery machine. I have a "cheap" brother disney machine I got at walmart several years ago for $300 I think, paid to get it fixed twice already- just the sewing part- it was all lint, so now I JUST embroider on it. I did notice that thread is a BIG deal, I bought some cheapo thread and it keeps shredding, now I know to buy NICE thread, the machine is nice and great for making labels etc.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion about the thread. This is a VERY BIG purchase for me and I want to choose wisely. I think Brother and Baby Lock are made by the same company but I'm not positive. They are very similar but have different preloaded designs.