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Monday, April 16, 2012

Make-A-List Monday

Make-a-List Monday

 The Week of April 9th
(in review)

1.  Continue working on baby gift quilts.

  All quilts are pieced, quilted and bound.  All I need to do is finish tacking down the binding on two of the quilts and then label them.  I will have individual pictures of each quilt next week.

2.   Finish piecing the top of my 1930's version of The Farmer's Wife quilt.   

Mission complete!  I will post more pictures after it is quilted.

3.  Purchase fabric for a Baby Boy Hutchinson memory quilt.  

I plan on making Square-in-a-Square blocks like the one above.  This is a sample of the blocks that the guests will decorate at the shower this weekend.  When trimmed the blocks will measure 6" finished.   

4.  Reorganize my sewing room, exercise room and my desk.  

Some of my quilting books
Stash organized by colorway

Sewing room and exercise room have been organized.  I did a little work on organizing my desk but that is truly a work in progress.  Hopefully it will get done the way Flylady gets things done...15 minutes at a time.

5.  Complete 2 PQW Saturday Sampler blocks.  I did not get this done but I have until May 4th.

6.  Work on Baby Boy Hutchinson quilt entitled "Summer School."  Still did not get to this.  I'm going to shelve this for a while.  Time is tight in the next few weeks and I know I will not get this done. 

The Week of April 16, 2012

1.  Finish preparing the Square-in-a-Square blocks for the memory quilt for the baby shower this weekend.

2.  Finish tacking down binding and label all baby gift quilts.  Take pictures!

3.  Attend the 11th Annual New Jersey Shop Hop.  I will visit the following shops on Tuesday:

                               Pennington Quilt Works
                               Kindred Quilts
                               Aardvark Quilt Shop
                               Cozy Quilt Shoppe 
                               Fabric Inspirations 
                               Mouse Creek Quilts

           I will visit these shops on Friday:

                                Olde City Quilts
                                The Village Quilter
                                Quilting Possibilities
                                The Little Shop
                                Needles & Pins

4.  Attend Pirate Baseball games.  The Pirates were somewhat successful on their spring training trip to Ft. Pierce, Florida last week.  They won three and lost two.  This should prove to be another tough week for the boys in green and gold. 

5.  Attend a few family functions.  Saturday is the baby shower for Baby Boy Hutchinson.  I can't wait.  My two sons turn 27 and 29 this week.  We celebrated this past weekend by seeing The Hunger Games at the Dine-in Movie Theatre at Menlo Park Mall.  This coming weekend we will continue our celebration when we go out to dinner with the family.  I can't believe my boys are so old.  My oldest son, Kyle, is now my age!!  haha!

This week should be so much FUN.  I can't wait for the NJ Shop Hop and the baby shower.  I will take lots of pictures and post them next week.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


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