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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday (The Farmer's Wife)

Show & Tell Tuesday

Today I will share two quilts that are made from the same pattern but look completely different.

I used the book The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt 
by Laurie Aaron Hird

The book includes letters written by farmer's wives in 1922.  These letters inspired the 111 six-inch blocks in the quilt.  The book comes with a CD to print many of the templates used in the quilt.  

The Farmer's Wife
(Civil War Repro Fabric)

I began my "Farmer's Wife" journey in November 2009.

I joined a Block of the Month from
 Homestead Hearth. 

Over the next 24 months I received fabric to complete all of the 111 blocks in this quilt.

The letters printed in the book are fascinating reading.  "It appeared that the farm women were thrilled with the popular inventions of the day that would make their lives easier:  telephones, automobiles, lighting systems, running water, carpet sweepers and the like.  Nonetheless, they wanted their family life and values to be left alone."

"These articulate, optimistic and visionary farm women of 1922 seemed quite content with their peaceful lives on the farm, spent with their husbands, children, neighbors, books and nature."

The Farmer's Wife
(1930's Repro Fabric)

As I was working on the Civil War repro fabric quilt, I decided to also work on a 1930's repro fabric quilt.

I pulled fabric from my 1930's stash to duplicate the blocks each month.

As I worked on this quilt I counted how many pieces of fabric went into each block (as I am also doing for my Dear Jane quilt.)

Each version of my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt contains 3,163 pieces of fabric and measures
 82" X 100"!

I know this seems like a lot, but my Dear Jane quilt has almost  5,700!

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


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