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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Show & Tell Tuesday

Show & Tell Tuesday

I have two quilts to share today.  I hope you enjoy them.

Tiny Chicklets

In 2007 I found myself with one week at home all by myself.  All of my family was away and it was spring break so I did not have to teach.  

I wondered how I was going to fill my time until I started going through the Joanne's sale flyer.  They had fat quarters on sale for $.99 so I decided to take a ride.  

At the time I had no idea what a fat quarter was but I knew it was fabric and it was only $.99!!

I decided to "stock up" and I purchased 10 FQ's and a ruler.  

When I got home I took out my pretty FQ's and I started tracing squares and cutting them out with scissors.  I had no idea what a rotary cutter was.  I also thought that the squares on the outside of the quilt needed to be cut a different size then the inside squares.  Ugh.

Okay...It gets better.  I also sewed all my squares together with a 5/8th inch seam.  After all, that is the size seam we used in garment construction and that is really all I knew about sewing.

Somehow I muddled through and I ended up with a quilt top.  I folded it up and put it on a shelf for a few years.  

Later that same year I discovered Stony Brook Sew & Vac and I met Pat O'Brien, my first quilt teacher.  I've learned so much since spring break, 2007, but I will always cherish my first quilt.


 I decided to name my quilt Tiny Chicklets because it reminded me of the Tiny Chiclets I ate as a kid.  I now realize I spelled "chiclets" wrong.  I guess that is fitting considering all the mistakes made with this quilt.

When I eventually got my long arm quilting machine, Annie, I pulled this quilt top off the shelf, added a few borders and quilted it.  I love this very simple quilt, filled with mistakes, but a treasure none the less.

Queen's Jewels

Queen's Jewels is a pattern found in the book Big Book of Scrap Quilts compiled and edited by L. Amanda Owens and Patricia Wilens.

This was one of the first quilts I made in 2008.  (A long way from Tiny Chicklets, don't you think?)

The finished quilt measures 62" X 78" and it was designed by Winnie Fleming of Friendswood, Texas.  The historic name of the block in this quilt is Night and Day.

I hope you enjoyed these two quilts.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


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