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Monday, January 8, 2018

Awesome Adventures with Ryder, Logan and Jace - December 2017

Awesome Adventures 
with Ryder, Logan and Jace

Now that the December holidays are behind us, it is time to reflect on the wonderful family time we experienced.

 The boys were fortunate to be able to participate in
 Mr. Ray's last concert at Princeton Forrestal Village.
They have enjoyed many of his concerts and it is sad to see the end of this wonderful event for young children.
We will miss you, Mr. Ray!

Ryder and Logan helped me bake some Christmas cookies.  
 Yummy Snickerdoodles!
 Logan did a great job cracking the eggs.

We took the big boys to mass with us one Saturday evening and their reward for good behavior was a trip to Perkins for dinner.  

The boys and their little cousin went to see the beautiful Christmas lights at the Turtle Back Zoo. 

Ryder earned his first belt in karate!

I think Logan wants to earn his white belt as well! :)

The boys, Kyle, Heather, and Grandad enjoyed breakfast with Santa at the local firehouse.  Unfortunately I was too sick to attend but I liked looking at all the photos they sent to me.

Our sweet little Jace continued to explore his environment...

He turned 10 months old in the month of December.

Our handsome little Ryder had his first school picture taken in Kindergarten. <3

Jace is growing up so fast.  He will be taking those first steps before we know it!

We had some beautiful "reindeer" in our back yard.

Jump Reindeer Jump!

Jace and Daddy enjoying a neighborhood Christmas party.

After the Christmas party, Ryder and Logan came for a sleepover because...
Santa Claus Was Coming to Town!

It snowed during the night so Ryder & Logan were very excited to help with the shoveling.  

Logan decided to see if it was cold enough outside to freeze our back yard pond.
He soon found out it was not quite cold enough as he fell into the pond!!!

Luckily we quickly stripped off the wet and smelly clothes and plopped him in a warm bathtub.  His tears quickly turned to smiles as he played with his favorite bath toy - Yertle the Turtle.

Ryder, Jace & I went to a local library to participate in some science activities.  On this date we learned how temperature effects the things in our environment.

Jace enjoyed playing with an early Christmas present.

We attended Christmas Eve Mass at St. David the King.  Our church is always so beautiful on Christmas Eve.

The next day we eagerly anticipated the excitement of Christmas through the eyes of children.

Getting these three balls of energy to pose for a picture is not an easy task.

Little Logan examining one of his presents...

Ryder and Jace giving Daddy a Christmas tackle.

Aunt Shea and I gave the boys Antsy Pants.  Here are two of the things they built with Grandad...

Logan LOVES stuffed animals - even before they are stuffed!

At the end of the month we experienced some very frigid temperatures.  Now when the boys tested the ice in our pond, it was frozen solid.  Thank Goodness!

We ended the month of December with a movie theater trip to see Ferdinand.  This book was one of my favorites when I was teaching nursery school.  I've been reading this book to the boys for the last few months in anticipation of the movie release.  
I was very pleased with this movie adaptation.  
We love Ferdinand!

These were some of our Awesome Adventures in the month of December.  January is proving to be just as cold as the end of December, so I anticipate many more inside adventures as we venture into the new year.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


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