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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Awesome Adventures - JT's & Kaela's Wedding

A Wedding to Remember

On April 20, 2015 my son JT, asked his beautiful girlfriend Kaela, to be his wife, on the top of a mountain. 

The day is memorable for a few other reasons - 
 It was JT's 30th birthday.  What a super birthday present when Kaela said "Yes!"  

It was also memorable because it was the day that Kaela's appendix burst...In Saint Lucia!  

Luckily, for the future bride and groom, things got better in their journey to become 
husband and wife.

A venue was chosen ...

An engagement party to meet extended family was held ...

A quilt was made ...

A shower was thrown ...

And finally wedding week arrived!

A LONG airplane ride -

REHEARSAL at the Vineyard...

"Come on, Logan.  This way."

Catholic Ceremony - 

Welcome Party ... Aventine Glen Ellen

Getting ready for the vineyard ceremony ...

Gaige House - Glen Ellen

The Vineyard Ceremony ...
Everything is ready ...

Here we go!

We respected the request to not take photos during the ceremony but this photo was taken immediately after -

Very dapper!

Grape inspector

Father of the Bride

JT and Kaela's first dance - 

The Lion King - JT & Kaela's favorite movie

No one has ever said JT is bashful :)

Weddings are fun but...

very tiring!

Mother/Son Dance

Back Street Boys 
The Perfect Fan

The Day After Wedding Brunch 
was a lot of fun...

especially pushing Uncle JT in the pool!

Hiking among the giant redwoods was a blast ...

We culminated the wedding week by spending four days in Yosemite National Park.

Rush Creek Lodge

Our Entire week was magical from beginning to end.  It was wonderful celebrating with family/friends and meeting new family and friends.

We are thrilled to have Sweet Kaela join our family. 
 We pray that JT & Kaela have a long and loving marriage.

We LOVE you both so much!

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching!!!


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